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​István Holló worked with jewelry design from 1990 until the middle of the 2000’s, his artworks were made of exotic wood and silver.
In 1991 he won the artisan scholarsip of the Ministry of Culture, and in the same year he took part in the public competition of the Hungarian National Bank for the design of new coins. However, as the former president of the Hungarian National Bank decided otherwise, the coins we are currently using are designed by another artist.
Since 1992, István Holló continuously takes part in the coin competitions of the Hungarian National Bank.

Realised designs:
1999 – golden coin with the nominal value of 20 000 HUF, and golden-silver (bicolor) coin with the nominal value of 3000 HUF, designed for the millennial anniversary of the State Foundation.
2006 – cupronickel Ford T-model commemorative with a nominal value of 1000 HUF.
2010 – silver commemorative for Dezső Kosztolányi, with 5000 HUF nominal value.
After 2015, finishing his previous goldsmith activities, István started to create cast ceramic sculptures, and ceramic jewelry later in 2010. His last decades spent with planning and creating jewelry and coins have not passed without a trace. He works with clay and ceramics with the same sensitivity, continuously tensing the physical boundaries of the material. His scupltures are etheral and characteristic at the same time, keeping the terrestrial power of clay.
Since 2011 István creates ceramic sculptures, finding brilliant solutions belying the weight of the material and laws of gravitation.



1983 Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts.
1990 Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, faculty of Metal Engineering Design.
​His artworks in public collections: Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest.
His artworks in private collections: Hungary, Austria, Germany, USA, Brazil.



1991 Parti Gallery, Pécs
2000 Dunaholding Headquarters, Budapest
2004 „Fészek” Art club, Budapest
2011 „With – and without title” – exhibition of Zsófia Karsai and István Holló, Park Gallery, Mór (Hungary).
2014 „Connections” – exhibition of Zsófia Karsai and István Holló, Kápolna Gallery, Kecskemét (Hungary).
2016 „Art-fizz” exhibition of Zsófia Karsai and István Holló in the Jankovich Hotel, Rácalmás (Hungary).
2017 „Dimensions” exhibition of Zsófia Karsai and István Holló, Punktum Gallery, Budakeszi (Hungary).



1990 Fashion and sight, Ernst Museum, Budapest
1991 Configura I. Erfurt, Mode und Schau, Berlin
1992 Talentbörse Handwerk, München
1994 Lajos Kozma scholarship exhibition, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
1996 „Workshop corner” jewelry exhibition, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest,
Jewelry exhibition, Erdész Gallery, Szentendre (Hungary)
2001 „Jewelry”, Dorottya Gallery, Budapest
2005 Budapest, Museum of Applied Arts
2007 Contemporary goldsmiths artworks from the Museum of Applied Arts
Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna
2007 Bracelets in focus, Erdész Gallery, Szentendre (Hungary)
2008 „Craft & Design”, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
2010 „Rite”, Museion No.1, Budapest
2014 „New Energy” IV. International Silicon Triennial, Kecskemét (Hungary)
2016 „Signs” The Agora of the Vértes, Contemporary Gallery, Tatabánya (Hungary)
2017 „Balance” V. International Silicon Triennial, Kecskemét (Hungary)